Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychotherapy

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Course Overview

Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychotherapy course is our professional training program to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply Positive Psychology techniques. We focus equally rigorously on theory as we do practical application. The supervised practice experience is to ensure competency and quality assurance of our practitioners. We give our graduates the skills and materials to put their training to use right away and create sustainable work for themselves in the world. It is designed around the model of Flourishing developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, and enhanced with an added emphasis on physical well-being. It consists of six modules focusing on increasing Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Vitality (PERMA-V™). Graduates integrate and enhance their personal and professional lives through their structured training in flourishing and measurably build their well-being. Learning Outcome:

  • Become well versed in the theory, science and application of positive psychology.
  • Learn to use this knowledge to help individuals, organizations and communities build the six pathways of flourishing: enhanced positive emotions, experiences of engagement, meaning, authentic positive relationships, accomplishment and vitality.
  • Understand how positive psychology practitioners use validated measures of well-being and tested interventions to inform their work.
  • Discover how to use this knowledge in flourishing to create and test new interventions.
  • Join a community of dedicated change agents to collaborate with and learn from.
  • Earn a certificate in positive psychology.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for aspiring private practitioners or any practitioners in the area of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling or coaching. Do you want to start your practice and you are well equipped with the various theories for practice but have no confident in launching your practice? This course is for you. We will handhold* you until you are comfortable in practicing on your own. Should the programme be inadequate, learners are welcomed to subscribe to our Applied Therapy Skills and Mentorship programme to continue with 1-on-1 coaching.


Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health and Community Wellbeing In this module we focus on the common mental health or community wellbeing issues that would benefit from positive psychology intervention and how to identify symptoms and behaviors. Content covered: Introduction to mental health. Mood disorders. Personality disorders. Relationship issues. Career and professional issues. Personal performance issues. Module 2: Foundations of Positive Psychology Practitioner In this module we focus on how positive psychology can be applied in coaching, counselling skills, and positive psychotherapy. Content covered: Introduction to positive psychology application Positive psychology coaching approach Active listening skills for brief counselling Positive psychotherapy Module 3: Positivity In this module we focus on the role positivity plays as a pathway to flourishing. We discuss the benefits of frequent positive affect (emotions) and how they can improve your success relationships, well-being and more. Content covered: The Science of Gratitude Mindset for Success and Happiness Positive Neuroscience & Evolutionary Theory Resilience and Optimistic Thinking Module 4: Engagement In this module we focus on the role engagement plays as a pathway to flourishing and understanding the ideal conditions that support engagement. Content covered: Self-Regulation Mindfulness Savoring Strengths Flow and Peak Performance Choice and Decision Making Module 5: Relationships In this module we focus on the role positivity plays in the development of flourishing relationships, as well as the science of how healthier relationships are formed. Content covered: Foundation of Flourishing Relationships Social Networks and Contagion Altruism, Kindness & Volunteering Appreciative Inquiry Social-Emotional (SoMO) Leadership Transforming Negative Relationships The Love Lab Module 6: Meaning In this module we will study the history of inquiry on meaning, the four components of meaning, how to measure meaning within individuals, and much more. Content covered: Purpose and Passion The Neurobiology of Spirituality Awe, Elevation And Transcendence Module 7: Achievement In this module we will explore the relationship between achievement and flourishing, the role of money and basic needs in developing happiness and life-satisfaction, and the shadow side of achievement and social comparison. Topics covered: Hope Theory Change Theory Goal Setting Theory Coaching Psychology Motivation Visualization Grit, Habit and Rituals Module 8: Vitality In this final module we will define just what vitality is and why it’s sometimes left out of the flourishing conversation. We’ll discuss how to define health as more than the absence of illness, how to see self-care as healthcare, plus a polarity model for health and wellness. Content covered: Psycho-somatic & Somato-psyhcic Stress vs. Calm Sleep Bodily Alignment Physical Activity Nutrition


The cost of this programme is $1388 (include material cost in e-format). And a $100 registration fee.

Certification and Accredition

This course is provided by and certified by Psychology Resource Center (Ltd.) and Rogerian Psychology Singapore. Psychology Resource Center (Ltd.) is accredited by the following established organizations: 1. Association for Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) - Pending 2. Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA UK) 3. Continuing Professional Development Certification Service UK (CPD UK) - Pending


1. 4 GCE O-Level pass or equivalent (Including English); or 2. NITEC or Higher NITEC; or 3. Mature candidates (≥ 30 years old with min. 8 years work experience) or 4. Other private or foreign qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Sample Certificate

**For graduates before APACS and CPD audit completes, you will receive a revise certificate that reflects recognition from Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) and Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Service UK (CPD UK) once the audit completes**