WSQ Resilience and Self-Care


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Course Overview

Course Prefix/Number: TGS-2020503237 (Old Code: CRS-Q-0040470-SSC) Total Training Duration: 30 Hours Course Objectives:
Learners will be able to acquire skills, attitude and knowledge to develop and improve on one’s self-plans and manage one’s stress.Learning Outcomes (LOs) The learner will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes upon completion of training:
LO1: Identify importance of resilience to individual and/or organization
LO2: Identify individual strengths, weakness and vulnerabilities and assess overall health and well-being
LO3: Recognise personal and occupational risks and limitations and identify stress indicators
LO4: Perform self-care strategies and develop and review self-care plans
LO5: Manage stress to cope personal changes and challenging situations
LO6: Use psychological approaches & relaxation techniques to practice effective self-care

Course Content

i: Importance of resilience to individual and/or organization
ii. Assessment of overall health and well-being
iii. Personal and oc-cupational risks and limitations and identify stress indicators
iv. Self-care strategies and self-care plans
v. Stress management
vi. Psychological approaches & relaxation techniques to practice effective self-care

Certification Details

Certification Type: Statement of Attainment Certification Title: Resilience and Self-Care (WSQ) Accredited under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System

Who is this Course for?

Area of Training: Community and Social Services Education Target Group / Enrollment Requirements: Secondary education without a GCE ‘O’ / ‘N’ Level pass or their equivalent At least 1 GCE ‘N’ Level pass National ITE Certificate (Intermediate) or equivalent (eg National Technical Certificate Grade 3, Certificate of Vocational Training, BCA Builder Certificate) WSQ Certificate or equivalent Polytechnic diploma Diploma qualifications (eg NIE diploma, SIM diploma, LaSalle-SIA diploma, NAFA diploma) Bachelor’s degree or equivalent At least 1 WSQ Statement of Attainment or ITE modular certificate at Post-Secondary Level (Non-Tertiary) or equivalent

Training Delivery Details

Mode of Training: Full Time/Part Time Language Medium Provided: English Duration Components: 1.5 (Assessment Hours) 20 (Classroom Training Hours) 2.5 (Practical / Practicum Training Hours) 6 (e Learning hours)

Training Fees

Total Cost of Training per Trainee: $920.00 (Discounted. List price is $980) Students need to attain 75% attendance and pass the course to be eligible for the subsidies.

Training Partner

Arium School of Arts and Science