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Anger Management Counselling

Anger as any other human emotion, is a completely normal emotion. Every person experiences this emotion now and then, but it can get problematic when anger starts getting misplaced or out of control. This can end up in effecting a person’s daily activities, important relationships and over all wellbeing. However mostly people don’t recognise the intensity of the problem by failing to identify the long-term consequences of it. Anger can
be best explained metaphorically as an iceberg where the way we express our anger is just the tip of the iceberg but just the way an iceberg is submerged under water, there are emotions like pain and fear associated with our anger that are hidden.

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These days people across the globe are feeling frustrated, irritable, and angry. This anger and frustration are somehow stemming from the stress, job insecurities, changes in routine, social isolation, distress over uncertainty and host of other reasons during the trying times of pandemic.


The pressure of adapting to work from home, managing children and travel restrictions are also causing temper to flare up. Recent reports have showed a 22 percent increase in family violence related offense as compared to before the circuit breaker period.

It is important to note that sometimes anger can be masking other mental health issues or Psychiatric illnesses like Attention and Learning problems; Mood Problems, especially bipolar illness; trauma related issues; and drugs and addiction problems. Suffering from any of these can magnify anger symptoms.

Some of the warning signs can be:

  • Loosing cool on every small thing.

  • Easily getting irritated.

  • Relationships and other areas of life getting effected.

  • Not able to express oneself in a calm way

  • Inflexibility to adapt to other person’s ideas

  • Expressing anger in an aggressive manner like violence or raising voice

Several research studies have explored the effectiveness of therapies for treating anger. As anger is often a response to be made to feel vulnerable so it is important to challenge and manage anger in a healthy way. As external factors cannot be controlled so anger management helps in recognizing person’s own triggers for anger and making them cope with it in an effective manner. The goal is to reduce both the emotional arousal as well as physiological arousal associated with anger.

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Before it gets worst, let us help you process and validate your feelings, identify triggers, stressors, past grievances, and contributing factors that may have put you in distress leading to your anger. We will explore effective coping skills, and anger management skills or solutions that will help you excel better to meet your daily life demands and responsibilities effectively.